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The following are important questions for Business Laws for B.com. The file is in pdf format and protected by password. This means you need password to open the document of important questions. The password is case sensitive i.e., if the password is in capital letters then you should type in capital letters if not the password will mismatch. You need to have Adobe Acrobat (pdf) on your system to open this file.

The password is provided right next to the important questions. 

ADVISE – All B.com students who are planning to do MBA should read Business Laws with utmost interest and should not forget it. Almost same topics will be repeated in OU – MBA – I Semester in Business Laws. If you study now with dedication then in future, the subject will become easy for you.

Business Laws Notes

Business Laws Practical Cases


B.com students are advised to prepare for at least 3 questions in each unit. The units in which there are 6 questions the students should prepare for minimum of 4 questions.


Many students have requested me to provide very important questions or most important questions. On demand of students, I have made very important questions/most important questions, which are available below. Kindly do not depend on them completely. Be ready with your back plan.

Business Laws – Very Important Questions - (Password is 786mrbviqbblaw)


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  1. Mirza Rafath 22 November 2013 12:01 #

    Business laws questions are available…..and b.com first year theory papers are also available… corporate accounting is practical paper and for that we have not made any imp questions.
    Kindly introduce your self….which college? Are any improvements needed for our site. How you came to know about out site. Since when you are using it

  2. Mirza Rafath 6 November 2013 18:39 #

    The important questions for Business Laws available at the following link

    As corporate accounting is the practical paper. I have not made important questions for the same.

  3. divyarani 5 October 2013 15:28 #

    sir i want b.com 3rd year business law &coparte accounts imporatant question can u mail me to my email id thanku sir.

  4. ABDUL RAZZAK 21 December 2011 13:56 #

    salam alaikum,
    sir can u send me the important questions for b.com 1 & 2 year.for the final exams………

  5. prasana 20 December 2011 12:41 #

    I want most important question of b.law & auditing

  6. kiranjot 25 September 2011 16:49 #

    which is the important ques for b law paper

  7. kiranjot 25 September 2011 16:49 #

    i want know most important question of b law

  8. Mirza Rafath 9 September 2011 05:21 #

    You can use same questions that we posted on the blog

  9. afreen sultana 26 August 2011 10:50 #

    sir i want blaw imp question can u send it to my mail

  10. sidrah sultan 1 June 2011 16:12 #

    sir i want to know most important question of b.law for exams. please send it on my e-mail

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