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Important Questions-MBA-III-SEM-OU

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The following are important questions for MBA OU III SEMESTER. Every file is password protected. This means you need to type right password to open the file. All files are in PDF format and you need Adobe Acrobat to open the files.

Earlier, I used to provide text of important questions and previous questions papers. Many students pasted the content in word and took prints. Unfortunately, few students, colleges and faculty started posting my questions in their blogs and websites. They gave their watermark on the important questions that were prepared by me. This is the reason why all files on my site are in PDF format and password protected. I know even this is not safe. But this is the max I can do save my work. 

When I saw my work being used by other and is accessed through their sites, I have sent regular complaints to Google, owner of Blogspot.com, Scribd, and management of a famous college. Complaining Google was always beneficial and they immediately took action and my content was removed from their websites (blogspot) with 3 to 5 days.

There would have been more text content on my site provided people never infringed my right. Anyways, the reason for saying all these things is that the students should not get annoyed (irritated) by typing password to open each and every file.

The important questions cover 100% of syllabus. On close examination, you will find that the important questions provided actually cover all topics of syllabus. You can read any two or three questions of your choice. We want students to study complete syllabus so that they can become good managers in future. But students always want to go for short cuts.

Very important questions are also being posted on the site. Check them out and provide your feedback.

Previous Questions Papers  

MBA Project Reports















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128 Responses

  1. Mirza Rafath 8 December 2013 12:03 #

    The passwords are mentioned right next to subject names. The password starts with 786 or 768. All files are password protected, click important questions and enter password. Bingo! there you are with important questions right in front of your eyes.

  2. SREE 7 December 2013 19:58 #

    hi sir….how to open pswrd pdf files sir.pls rply..ive downloaded 3rd sem qstns of all subs………..

  3. Mirza Rafath 4 December 2013 18:10 #

    You have to click on the subject names. When new link opens, read the write-up and scroll down till end. You will find Important questions for TQM and right next to it password is also mentioned. The password starts with 786 or 768. All files are password protected, click important questions and enter password. Bingo! there you are with important questions in front of your eyes.

  4. raabiya 4 December 2013 16:43 #

    where can I find papers??iam new to this site plz help me..n how I will b knowing the password??

  5. Mirza Rafath 4 December 2013 13:58 #

    Walekumsalam, important questions for all subjects of 3rd sem are already uploaded on the site. All files are in PDF format and protected by password.

  6. raabiya 3 December 2013 19:52 #

    asalamualiakum…I want mba 3rd sem important questions for mba(o.u)..
    my major is hr and minor is finance..

  7. Mirza Rafath 3 December 2013 14:58 #

    Hello Jairam, kindly go to http://mirzarafath.com/2008/06/26/important-questions-for-ou-mba-i-sem/ and read all comments carefully and I am sure, you will answer to your questions. If you have any questions after reading all comments on Important questions OU-MBA-I SEM, then do not hesitate to ask.

  8. jairam 3 December 2013 02:37 #

    sir i want to know just you provide important question for MBA 1st sem is it enough to get passing marks sir i download important question paper you provide it is easy and better way to learning

  9. Mirza Rafath 28 November 2013 07:37 #

    Since 2008 we are providing important questions unit wise for semesters. May be you are facing some trouble in seeing Unit numbers in the Important question document…kindly get yourself examined.

  10. Vishwas Vishu 27 November 2013 18:39 #

    we need unit wise questions in 3rd semister

  11. Mirza Rafath 26 November 2013 01:50 #

    Kindly immediately check OU syllabus copy if you need subjects. Else, go to http://mirzarafath.com/2009/11/10/important-questions-mba-iii-sem-ou/ , and check serial number 7 to 11 for major and minor marketing as well as hr. Last resort, go to your college and they will tell in what subjects they gave you marks. Chillax

  12. Varma 25 November 2013 20:03 #

    Good Eve..,I Jus need subjects for MBA 3 sem OU for major MARKETING and minor HR….Immediate reply will help me


  13. Mirza Rafath 23 November 2013 19:05 #


  14. khaja hafeez uddin 23 November 2013 15:43 #


    Insha Allah MCOM demand will also increase slowly
    nd I hv done share on fb
    and i ll wait for Imp qustions MCOM
    thnkq sir :)

  15. Mirza Rafath 23 November 2013 00:05 #

    You also share our site on facebook through facebook share icon on our site

  16. Mirza Rafath 23 November 2013 00:04 #

    Walekum Salam,
    Important questions for M.com are being updated….Inshallah I will upload them within 3 to 4 days…….As the demand for M.com questions is less we did not considered updating them.
    All the best

  17. khaja hafeez uddin 22 November 2013 21:58 #

    abt ur site sir it is vry useful nd helpful to all of us..
    Insha Allah it will continue

  18. khaja hafeez uddin 22 November 2013 21:56 #

    assalaamualikum sir
    m pursing mba III sem frm sd signodia pg center charkaman charminar..
    i need imp question for MCOM I sem also for my frnd..I saw on ur imp questions paper that ur providing MBA MCOM B.COM &BBA also..
    would u plz give me MCOM also nd the
    subjects r
    1.accounting stnd nd report
    2.managerial economics
    3.principals of markting
    4.financial mgt
    5.organisation behaviour nd theory

  19. Mirza Rafath 22 November 2013 11:54 #

    Suggest any improvements for our site. Name of you college?

  20. Mirza Rafath 22 November 2013 11:51 #

    Suggest any improvements for our site

  21. Mirza Rafath 22 November 2013 11:50 #

    Kindly tell you college and specialisation. Suggest any improvements for our site

  22. Mirza Rafath 22 November 2013 10:06 #

    From which college you are studying and what course are you studying?

  23. khaja hafeez uddin 21 November 2013 16:29 #

    assalaamualikum sir would u tel me abt MCOM
    i need imp qustons for MCOM I sem

  24. Mirza Rafath 21 November 2013 00:17 #

    go to http://mirzarafath.com/2009/11/10/important-questions-mba-iii-sem-ou/ & read the post in detail

  25. Ayesha 20 November 2013 21:30 #

    please upload 3rd sem question as oon as possible.

  26. khaja hafeez uddin 19 November 2013 22:16 #

    Jazak Allah sir
    i hv seen jst nw
    thnkq sir

  27. Mirza Rafath 19 November 2013 14:59 #

    All files are password protected. If you are unable to open the questions then kindly read the instructions that are mentioned on the page one. Important questions for all subjects are uploaded. Kindly correct you search

  28. Mirza Rafath 19 November 2013 14:57 #

    Important questions for remaining subjects were uploaded 2 days back. Kindly check on our site for IM and SMA.

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